Our first great challenge: the Monograph

At the suggestion of colleague Elisa, I will do a series of articles trying to demystify the scientific work, starting with the monograph.

ABNT conceptualizes a monograph as: MONOGRAPH Work to complete an undergraduate course, interdisciplinary undergraduate work, completion of a course of specialization and / or improvement. Document that presents the study result, and must express knowledge of the chosen subject that must be mandatorily emanated from the discipline, module, independent study, course, program and others. It should be done under the coordination of a mentor.

In a more in-depth study we have to:


Monos (one only) + Graphéin (writing): it is a text about a single subject. buy essays online for college


Monograph is a study on a specific or particular theme (in all its angles), with sufficient representative value, obeying the rigorous methodology.


Monograph is a research work of scientific nature, and, therefore, strict obedience to the scientific methodology.

Thus, we have that, a monograph has broad meaning and strict sense.

In the strict sense it is identified with the thesis and in the broad sense it is all first-hand scientific work that results from research. And in this, it is very important that there be reflection, because without it the monograph becomes simply a report of the research procedure, a dissemination, a compilation of others’ works.

A monograph should be a written work, so you have a record of what was searched. It should be a systematic work, be organized in stages, beginning with the project, and follow certain rules of execution. And it must be complete, with quality, so that, despite presenting a single problem, one can comprehend the whole of the subject, integrally.

A monograph must present a specific or particular theme of a science or part of it and on this subject a detailed and exhaustive study must be carried out, addressing various angles and aspects, exhausting everything that may exist and can be concluded on the subject in question . Should have extensive treatment in depth, but not in reach.

Its most usual use is CBT, which means completion of course work and may be eventually called interdisciplinary undergraduate work or final graduation work. This is a type of academic work widely used in higher education as a way to make a final evaluation of undergraduates that contemplates the diversity of aspects of their university education in Brazil.

However, the monograph is not the only accepted way for the work of conclusion of course, it is also possible that some educational institutions and certain courses, choose to present a scientific article.

There are several manuals, mainly of educational institutions that, in addition to following the ABNT rules for the elaboration of a monograph, add others to identify the style of the institution.

Therefore, it is always necessary that the student before starting his work verify that the educational institution to which he belongs has a proper manual for the preparation of scientific papers, otherwise, it is only to follow ABNT norms, there is no mistake .